Chapter 9 Back Downtown!

Hello again,

We wanted to invite everyone to come and see your new, updated library.  We are so pleased with the renovations.  We have the same open hours and are offering some of the same services, as well as, a some new ones. 

We have added a few new things to the mix, of course new books, newspaper, magazine, and movies are always being added.  I wanted to take a minute and talk about our new Makerspace STEAM kits, that we have available for any one to use in the library.  We have a wind tunnel, Lego wall, light table, snap circuits, marble run, and many puppet sets (just to name a few favorites).  We also have a couple different robots to practice coding.  Come check one out today.

We will also be getting The Library Innovation Studio in about a month.  This will really expand current offerings, that are available in our area.  We are so excited to see what you can create at your library.  We will be borrowing several tools from the Nebraska Library Commission, as part of the grant we received.  If you would like to know more information, or to see a listing of the tools please check out the Nebraska Library Commission's website.  Please follow the link and call the Library if you have any questions.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Chapter 8 - Walkin'

The Smilin Librarian here!  Since I have started working here at the Broken Bow Public Library about ten years ago I have said over and over again that I was going to try new authors, authors that I have never read before.  Well that has been few and far between!  That is reading adult authors, anyway.  I decided that I was going to try a book by Richard Paul Evans, titled The Walk.  I had seen people check out his books quite often, especially the Walk series.

This series is Alan Christophersen's story and his greatest journey through life, the walk.  When Alan was eight years old, his mother gave him a diary for Christmas to write whatever he wanted in it, what he was thinking and what he felt.  His mom told him it didn't matter if it was important at that moment because it might mean something in the future when he looked back on it.  Little did Alan know that these diaries and journals written throughout his life, would become his most valuable possessions.  For example, a couple months after he was presented with his first diary, his mom died from cancer.  He could open the book whenever he wanted and treasure the entry his mom had made that Christmas reminding him how much he was loved.

Alan and his dad moved shortly after his mothers death to California.  Here is where he forged a friendship with the girl next door, McKale.  An immediate bond was formed because they both had experienced the loss of a mother.  The only thing that McKale and Alan did not share was McKales love of horses.  And that love of horses would be the one thing that finally would separate them forever.

This book is Alan's story of the journey he takes after his loss.  It is of how he finds hope when he has lost all hope.  Of how Alan meets his Angel after losing the love of his life.  This is Alan's walk.

Chapter 7 - Let's Rock and Roll!

Hey everyone, the Smilin Librarian here! I know, I know, it has been a long time since we have written anything.  We are giving this blog thing another go and hopefully it will be fun for everyone.  I have just finished reading Solo by Kwame Alexander with Mary Rand Hess and loved it!  This book was so different from anything I have ever read in the Young Adult section.  Both authors are poets, so guess what?  This book was written in verse!  It took me awhile to get used to reading the story in verse, but then it clicked and just flowed. 

The book is about a musically talented young man, Blade, who has it all.  He lives in a mansion with his rock star dad and sister.  He is graduating high school as the salutatorian and just has been asked to give the commencement speech, tomorrow!  He is dating and in love with the most beautiful girl in his class, Chapel.

Blade's life is about to change.  He steps onto the stage with his guitar on his back ready to sing his commencement song.  When out of nowhere his dad, Rutherford, comes swerving down the aisle on his motorcycle and crashes into the stage below Blade.  From this moment on things start to spiral out of control.  Secrets have been kept from him that threaten his future with Chapel and his relationship with his father.  Will Blade unearth the truth, begin to trust again and finally find his way home?  

A bonus to this book was there are tracks of music listed throughout the book.  I had fun looking up the music on YouTube, then listening to the music before I continued to read on in the book.  It made this book unique and introduced me to some new music I had not heard before.  I would highly recommend this book for Young Adults and Adults.  

As it says on the front cover, "When the heart gets lost, let the music find you."



Chaper 6- What is in your fireplace?

Some of you may have heard we had some extra excitement here at the Library yesterday.  Not just excitement over meeting the half-way mark on the building expansion project fund.  We have had two resident Library cats and many dogs visit over the years.  Yesterday, was the first bird we have had here in the library.  Yes, you read that right we had a LIVE BIRD in the library. 
It all started around 9:00 and Kim (the Smiling Librarian) and Me (the Laughing Librarian) heard a rustling over by the fireplace.  Kim asked, "Did you hear that?"  I said, "It sounds like a bat or a bird is in the fireplace," thinking to myself please don't be a bat, please don't be a bat!!  After some investigation and banging around the fireplace out from the flue, to our surprise, flew the black bird.  It sat on top of the fake wood in the fireplace and seemed confused.  After giggling for a bit, the question then arose of how the heck do we get this thing out of here?  So we called for back up.  Brent, the City Administrator called Andy, from Fire and Rescue, of course!  Here came Andy, not wearing his cape but, wearing his Rescue sweatshirt.  Andy had to take the whole fireplace apart.  The plan was to not let the bird escape.  Well you guessed it, the bird escaped.  It flew around the Library for several minutes.  Have you ever tried to herd a bird?  All the patrons held up their arms and were herding it towards the door.  Well, it doesn't really work!  After several failed attempts and many suggestions from our patrons, the Librarians couldn't stop laughing but the bird was finally captured, UNHARMED by the way.  The bird was released outside several yards from the library.  A fishing net really works well on birds!  Thanks for all your help Andy and to the patrons with the wonderful ideas.  We had a bit to clean up afterwards while we were still laughing about our visitor.  Andy had to put the gas fireplace back together, Megan was cleaning up the bird dodo and Kim was tearing down the taped up curtains from the windows.  Now that we have the library back to normal, stop by and see us,  you never know what might happen next at your Library.

Chapter 5- Are you still there?

Hello, did you miss us?  Let's see if we remember how to do this...
We are still laughing and smiling here at the Library.  We wanted to give a few quick updates.  Did you know the Love Your Library Expand Your Future has raised over 1 million dollars in just one year?  We are pretty proud of our committee members and this great community we call home.  Bravo!

We had a great time at the Daddy Daughter Date Night.  We are still finding traces of glitter on the carpet, you know that's a sign of a great time!  If you missed this event be watching for it around Valentine's Day next year.  We hope we are in the middle of construction next year which will force us to get creative. 

Be sure to stop in the Library and check out the art work from the North Park students.  It is very apparent that we have some very talented students and teachers here in Broken Bow.  The masterpieces will be on display until March 8th.  Join us for a special reception on Monday the 22nd from 6:30-7:30 p.m.  Come meet the creative artists and enjoy some refreshments. 

Also, the Library Foundation is sponsoring a magic show.  It will be on Saturday the 27th of February at the Municipal Building at 1:00 p.m.  Admission is $5.00, tickets are available at the door or at the Library.  The proceeds go towards the Love Your Library Building Campaign. 

Be watching Facebook and our website for more information on these events and other Library happenings.
Thanks for showing your Library some Love!

Chapter 4 - Who Loves The Library?

Hi Guys!  This is the Smilin Librarian who has not been smiling too much the last couple of days.  I suppose you have heard about the Capitol Campaign to raise money for the Broken Bow Public Library building expansion...well we have some non-believers among us.  Recently we have heard that we really don't need the expansion, we have a fine building!  Pictures will be posted on the Broken Bow Library Facebook page in the next couple of days and you can see the disrepair.  We have heard that not that many people use the library, I beg to differ, an average of 300 children a week attended the Summer Reading Program.  I also heard there is a certain type of people that come to the library.  Well, heck yeah there is...the smart ones!  The ones looking to better themselves, to gain knowledge and to socialize with others that have similar interests.  

I have heard that Mayor Burt and the City Council have had no inquiries of the library expansion and believe that no one is interested in seeing it completed.  Please contact these people if you love your library and want to expand your future.      

The city has allocated the first $500,000 towards the project and we need to raise the rest to improve the facilities that serve you.  We have had a lot of people working really hard to raise money for this project.  They have done some excellent fundraising and have committed to see this through. 

The Laughin Librarian is here too.  I have had so much fun with all the fundraising events.  Be sure to watch for upcoming events on our website and Facebook page.  I know we will all come together and make the Library project happen.  We have so many great supporters and we just need to talk to all our friends about how important this project is and the good it will do for our whole community.  Broken Bow is a place I am proud to call home and we all take pride in our small town.  This project will just be another great example of how we are Rooted, But Not Standing Still.

I know we can count on your support!  Thank you!

Chapter 3

The Smilin Librarian here!  We have had a busy week here at the library.  We have had a blast shooting the Capital Campaign library commercial.  Mitch Hunt is the Director of this endeavor.  Megan recruited many voluntolds to help with the video and they were great!  (She did have to bribe some of them with cookies.)  The finished commercial should be available soon, so be watching for it. 

The library also had an author sighting.  Yes here at the Broken Bow Public Library and this was very exciting for everyone!  It Is John Harmon's first book and he was elated to see it sitting on the shelf next to the likes of James Patterson, Alexander McCall Smith, and Charlaine Harris.  What a surprise for him when he came in to the library two days later and saw that his book had been checked out, he was speechless!  Congratulations John on your first published book! 

Anita from Keep Loup Basin Beautiful brought worms to the library.  Yes, I said worms.  Five Hundred of them!  The worms were in a big bin to show how composting works.  Anita gave a great presentation on composting and why it is good for the plants.  She even brought compost tea and we made a compost snack.  Back to the worms, Anita said she keeps this bin on a shelf in her office.  I know what I will be looking for the next time I am in her office!

I am so glad the girls making the birdhouses were not here when the worms were!



Chapter 2, Be kind- especially to our elders

Hello again, it's Megan, the Laughing Librarian.  Today I was approached by a ninety something year old women, asking, "How far our Library Services extend?"  I couldn't help but chuckle a little bit.  I then asked her, "Well, what do you need?  And I will sure see what I can do."  She said, "My kids think I can learn how to us a laptop and I need help turning it on and off.  The lights are driving me crazy."  So I had the privileged of helping this lovely lady learn a new skill.  We got through several questions.  I have to share my favorite one with you guys.  She asked, "How do I go about using this like a typewriter?"  I told her that she would need to go into Microsoft Word and to type just like you would on a typewriter.  She then asked me, "Where on Earth do I put the paper?"  I wanted so badly to giggle because this was such a moment of... of course Megan you aren't being as clear as you could etc.  and it was so cute.  We sorted through this and sent her on her way.  She was so happy that she surprised us with hot fudge sundaes.  What an awesome Grandma!  Way to go! It isn't easy to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, and if it isn't working, seek out help.  May you all enjoy a hot fudge sundae sometime soon.     

Chapter 1

Megan here, The Laughing Librarian, and I'm blogging again.  My sidekick is gone today and I am not sure I can be creative without her.  We had a great turn out last night for our Young Artists Art Show reception.  We are very lucky to have so many great teachers and leaders in this area.  The can do attitude we experience in our area is very inspiring.  It makes me think of a new book we just got at the Library.  Pete the Cat's Groovy Guide to Life by Kimberly and James Dean.  It is a beautiful children's book that really gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.  It is full on inspiring quotes that helps kids understand that everything starts with a dream and to dream big.  I think a quote from the book will sum it all up.  "Make each day your masterpiece." -John Wooden 

until next time... It was a bright and sunny day and the wind was blowing, imagine that!   

This is dedicated to all our library patrons!

Hey all, this is Kim the Smiling Librarian!  Is there such thing as a blogging block?  Unfortunately we have one!  No just joshing you!  We have been working hard all morning taking pictures of the card catalog.  Why you ask?  Because we wanted to get  cool picture for our blog banner!

This is Megan, the Laughing Librarian!  Stand back and watch me blog... There it goes.  Anyway, we have recently changed the look of our website.  I hope you enjoy it.  It gave me some sleepless nights.  Kidding, maybe.  I am really excited about the new features it offers.  Especially the new calendar.  Check it out!  Kim and I will be blogging about the life and times here among the stacks and with our faithful library users.  We will talk about funny things that happen, what we are reading, and cool events to check out here and in our area.  So hang on and enjoy this ride with us!