Chapter 2, Be kind- especially to our elders

Hello again, it's Megan, the Laughing Librarian.  Today I was approached by a ninety something year old women, asking, "How far our Library Services extend?"  I couldn't help but chuckle a little bit.  I then asked her, "Well, what do you need?  And I will sure see what I can do."  She said, "My kids think I can learn how to us a laptop and I need help turning it on and off.  The lights are driving me crazy."  So I had the privileged of helping this lovely lady learn a new skill.  We got through several questions.  I have to share my favorite one with you guys.  She asked, "How do I go about using this like a typewriter?"  I told her that she would need to go into Microsoft Word and to type just like you would on a typewriter.  She then asked me, "Where on Earth do I put the paper?"  I wanted so badly to giggle because this was such a moment of... of course Megan you aren't being as clear as you could etc.  and it was so cute.  We sorted through this and sent her on her way.  She was so happy that she surprised us with hot fudge sundaes.  What an awesome Grandma!  Way to go! It isn't easy to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, and if it isn't working, seek out help.  May you all enjoy a hot fudge sundae sometime soon.