Chapter 9 Back Downtown!

Hello again,

We wanted to invite everyone to come and see your new, updated library.  We are so pleased with the renovations.  We have the same open hours and are offering some of the same services, as well as, a some new ones. 

We have added a few new things to the mix, of course new books, newspaper, magazine, and movies are always being added.  I wanted to take a minute and talk about our new Makerspace STEAM kits, that we have available for any one to use in the library.  We have a wind tunnel, Lego wall, light table, snap circuits, marble run, and many puppet sets (just to name a few favorites).  We also have a couple different robots to practice coding.  Come check one out today.

We will also be getting The Library Innovation Studio in about a month.  This will really expand current offerings, that are available in our area.  We are so excited to see what you can create at your library.  We will be borrowing several tools from the Nebraska Library Commission, as part of the grant we received.  If you would like to know more information, or to see a listing of the tools please check out the Nebraska Library Commission's website.  Please follow the link and call the Library if you have any questions.  We look forward to seeing you soon!