Chapter 4 - Who Loves The Library?

Hi Guys!  This is the Smilin Librarian who has not been smiling too much the last couple of days.  I suppose you have heard about the Capitol Campaign to raise money for the Broken Bow Public Library building expansion...well we have some non-believers among us.  Recently we have heard that we really don't need the expansion, we have a fine building!  Pictures will be posted on the Broken Bow Library Facebook page in the next couple of days and you can see the disrepair.  We have heard that not that many people use the library, I beg to differ, an average of 300 children a week attended the Summer Reading Program.  I also heard there is a certain type of people that come to the library.  Well, heck yeah there is...the smart ones!  The ones looking to better themselves, to gain knowledge and to socialize with others that have similar interests.  

I have heard that Mayor Burt and the City Council have had no inquiries of the library expansion and believe that no one is interested in seeing it completed.  Please contact these people if you love your library and want to expand your future.      

The city has allocated the first $500,000 towards the project and we need to raise the rest to improve the facilities that serve you.  We have had a lot of people working really hard to raise money for this project.  They have done some excellent fundraising and have committed to see this through. 

The Laughin Librarian is here too.  I have had so much fun with all the fundraising events.  Be sure to watch for upcoming events on our website and Facebook page.  I know we will all come together and make the Library project happen.  We have so many great supporters and we just need to talk to all our friends about how important this project is and the good it will do for our whole community.  Broken Bow is a place I am proud to call home and we all take pride in our small town.  This project will just be another great example of how we are Rooted, But Not Standing Still.

I know we can count on your support!  Thank you!