New Fiction Highlights
4321 by Auster
Days Without End by Barry
he Sleepwalker by Bohjalian

Mrs. Pargeter's Public Relations by Brett
Huck Out West by Coover
y Husband's Wife by Corry
Kill the Father by Dazieri
The Girl Before by Delaney
Right Behind You by Gardner
Fatal by Lescroart
Let You Go by Mackintosh
verything You Want Me to Be by Mejia
Piano Tide by Moore
he Fifth Letter by Moriarty
The Dangerous Ladies Affair by Muller
Never, Never by Patterson
Behind Her Eyes by Pinborough
Rather Be the Devil by Rankin
Triple Six by Spindler
The Mistress by Steel
er Every Fear by Swanson
elow the Belt by Woods

Five Most Requested Books in January:

1. "The Whistler" by Grisham
2. "No Man's Land" by Baldacci
3. "Hidden Figures" by Shetterly
4. "The Magnolia Story" by Gaines
5. "Chaos" by Cornwell