New Fiction Highlights
The Hollywood Daughter by Alcott
Death of a Ghost by Beaton
Vicious Circle by Box

The Devil's Triangle by Coulter
The Cutthroat by Cussler
Dead Letters by Dolan-Lech
People of the Masks by Gear
The Confessions of a Young Nero by George
Wait for Dark by Hooper
Mississippi Blood by Iles
Man Overboard by Jance
Bone Box by Kellerman
Heartbreak Hotel by Kellerman
A Separation by Kitamura
A Piece of the World by Kline
Rusty Puppy by Landsdale
Humans, Bow Down by Patterson
Mruder on the Serpentine by Perry
Quicksand by Persson Giolito
Lincoln in the Bardo by Saunders
Dangerous Games by Steel
The Animators by Whitaker
Mangrove Lightning by White

Five Most Requested Books in March:

1. "The Whistler" by Grisham
2. "No Man's Land" by Baldacci
3. "Hidden Figures" by Shetterly
4. "The Magnolia Story" by Gaines
5. "Chaos" by Cornwell