What A Special Summer Reading Program!
Kim and Megan did an extra special job putting together a fun and interesting program this summer.  However, this year's summer reading program was a bit of a challenge since we are in our temporary location during the library's renovation/addition construction.  We weren't sure what to expect as many daycares and individuals chose not to walk to our temporary building.  And, while the numbers are down from "normal" summers, we are still quite pleased with the final totals listed below.  Now, we can't wait for 2018 summer reading program and all the fun we'll fave in the newly remodeled and expanded library!

Number of summer reading registrations...120 Children
Number of children who recorded time spent reading...82

Hours of reading recorded...976.5
Number of Grand Prize Winners...38

(Children who read 30 minutes a day for five weeks)
Attendance (weekly average)...195
Attendance at the final party...90

Congratulations to these Grand Prize Winners:

Oliver Birnie, Baylee Clark, Ayden Clark, Hannah Conner, Jusyka Conner, Choloe Daugherty, Adrian Fama, Anna Beth Fama, Julia Fama, Brent Forster, Ryan Franssen, Tiffany Franssen, Sylas Hunt, Emylee Lankford, Cara Loeslie, Vera Loeslie, Canain Marsh, Keeley Moninger, Karoline Ogle, Kayla Ogle, Ella Peterson, Ryker Peterson, Oliver Saner, Kya Slagle, Paden Slagle, Caleb Sughayer, Evan Sughayar, Noah Sughayar, Chloe Vickers, Kayla Vickers, Dautry Wagner, Jocelyn Wagner, Caleb Wiiest, David Wilkie

The parents and child care providers deserve a great amount of credit for continuing to emphasize to children how important it is to read all year long-- not just during the school year!

The library hosted 25 programs for children over the six-week summer reading program, including the final party.