Chapter 3

The Smilin Librarian here!  We have had a busy week here at the library.  We have had a blast shooting the Capital Campaign library commercial.  Mitch Hunt is the Director of this endeavor.  Megan recruited many voluntolds to help with the video and they were great!  (She did have to bribe some of them with cookies.)  The finished commercial should be available soon, so be watching for it. 

The library also had an author sighting.  Yes here at the Broken Bow Public Library and this was very exciting for everyone!  It Is John Harmon's first book and he was elated to see it sitting on the shelf next to the likes of James Patterson, Alexander McCall Smith, and Charlaine Harris.  What a surprise for him when he came in to the library two days later and saw that his book had been checked out, he was speechless!  Congratulations John on your first published book! 

Anita from Keep Loup Basin Beautiful brought worms to the library.  Yes, I said worms.  Five Hundred of them!  The worms were in a big bin to show how composting works.  Anita gave a great presentation on composting and why it is good for the plants.  She even brought compost tea and we made a compost snack.  Back to the worms, Anita said she keeps this bin on a shelf in her office.  I know what I will be looking for the next time I am in her office!

I am so glad the girls making the birdhouses were not here when the worms were!