New Teen Books
The playbook: 52 rules to aim, shoot, and score in this game called life by Alexander, Kwame
Dreamland by Anderson, Robert Luis
Betty and Veronica: girls rule! (GN)
The girl who drank the moon by Barnhill, Kelly Regan
The Fearless Traveler's Guide to Wicked Places by Begler, Peter
To stay alive by Brown, Skila
Batman — Volume 9, — Bloom (GN)
Batman — Vol. 1, — I am Gotham (GN)
Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a book by Donnelly, Jennifer
Michael Vey: fall of Hades by Evans, Richard Paul
The Ghostfaces by Flanagan, John
The Flash — Vol. 1, — Lightning strikes twice (GN)
Caraval by Garber, Stephanie
The hunted by Higson, Charles
Freeks by Hocking, Amanda
Traffick by Hopkins, Ellen
Tricks by Hopkins, Ellen
The you I've never known by Hopkins, Ellen
Wintersong by Jae-Jones, S
Still life with tornado by King, A. S
Point guard by Lupica, Mike
Game by Lyga, Barry
I hunt killers by Lyga, Barry
Bits & pieces by Maberry, Jonathan
The caller: a Shadowfell novel by Marillier, Juliet
The novice by Matharu, Taran
Dragonwatch by Mull, Brandon
Fish Girl (GN)
Before I fall by Oliver, Lauren
You Don't Know My Name by Orlando, Kristen
Middle school, escape to Australia by Patterson, James
Robot revolution by Patterson, James
Dog man unleashed (GN)
Carve the mark by Roth, Veronica
Heroes & villains
This savage song: a monsters of verity novel by Schwab, Victoria
UnDivided by Shusterman, Neal
Spidey — Vol. 02, — After-school special (GN)
Amazing Spider-man — Vol 4. — Worldwide (GN)
Strange the dreamer by Taylor, Laini
Maresi by Turtschaninoff, Maria
The mighty Thor — Vol. 2. — Lords of Midgard (GN)
Ones and zeroes: a Mirador novel by Wells, Dan
Horizon by Westerfeld, Scott
Who killed Christopher Goodman? by Wolf, Allan
Gem & Dixie by Zarr, Sara
Goodbye days: a novel by Zentner, Jeff

(GN) -- Graphic Novel