New Children's Books
Life on Mars by Agee, Jon
LMNO peas by Baker, Keith
Noisy Night by Barnett, Mac
Triangle by Barnett, Mac
Dad and the Dinosaur by Choldenko, Gennifer
Dark Shadows: yes, another misadventure by Cronin, Doreen
The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors by Daywalt, Drew
5-minute Pete the Cat Stories by Dean, James
Bonesville by Fromental, Jean-Luc
The Christmas Cub by Korman, Justine
Rainbow Sea by Lassen, Christian Riese
Mama's kisses by McMullan, Kate
I Promise by McPhail, David
Wild Feelings by Milgrim, David
Faster! Faster: Más rápido! Más rápido by Patricelli, Leslie
Alligators All Around Board Book
Bob, Not Bob! by Scanlon, Elizabeth Garton
Princess Cora and the Crocodile by Schlitz, Laura Amy
A Perfect Day by Smith, Lane
Lexie, the Word Wrangler by Van Slyke, Rebecca
Chapter Books
Rocket and Groot: keep on truckin' by Angleberger, Tom
Bad Kitty takes the test by Bruel, Nick
The case of the wandering goats by Erickson, John R.
The unbeatable squirrel girl: squirrel meets world by Hale, Shannon
Digby O'Day and the great diamond robbery by Hughes, Shirley
Digby O'Day up, up, and away by Hughes, Shirley
Gorilla dawn by Lewis, Gill
At the bottom of the world by Nye, Bill
Les misérables by Manga Classics
Nancy Clancy, late-breaking news! by O'Connor, Jane
Big Nate strikes again by Peirce, Lincoln
Third grade mermaid by Raymundo, Peter