Chapter 8 - Walkin'

The Smilin Librarian here!  Since I have started working here at the Broken Bow Public Library about ten years ago I have said over and over again that I was going to try new authors, authors that I have never read before.  Well that has been few and far between!  That is reading adult authors, anyway.  I decided that I was going to try a book by Richard Paul Evans, titled The Walk.  I had seen people check out his books quite often, especially the Walk series.

This series is Alan Christophersen's story and his greatest journey through life, the walk.  When Alan was eight years old, his mother gave him a diary for Christmas to write whatever he wanted in it, what he was thinking and what he felt.  His mom told him it didn't matter if it was important at that moment because it might mean something in the future when he looked back on it.  Little did Alan know that these diaries and journals written throughout his life, would become his most valuable possessions.  For example, a couple months after he was presented with his first diary, his mom died from cancer.  He could open the book whenever he wanted and treasure the entry his mom had made that Christmas reminding him how much he was loved.

Alan and his dad moved shortly after his mothers death to California.  Here is where he forged a friendship with the girl next door, McKale.  An immediate bond was formed because they both had experienced the loss of a mother.  The only thing that McKale and Alan did not share was McKales love of horses.  And that love of horses would be the one thing that finally would separate them forever.

This book is Alan's story of the journey he takes after his loss.  It is of how he finds hope when he has lost all hope.  Of how Alan meets his Angel after losing the love of his life.  This is Alan's walk.