Chaper 6- What is in your fireplace?

Some of you may have heard we had some extra excitement here at the Library yesterday.  Not just excitement over meeting the half-way mark on the building expansion project fund.  We have had two resident Library cats and many dogs visit over the years.  Yesterday, was the first bird we have had here in the library.  Yes, you read that right we had a LIVE BIRD in the library. 
It all started around 9:00 and Kim (the Smiling Librarian) and Me (the Laughing Librarian) heard a rustling over by the fireplace.  Kim asked, "Did you hear that?"  I said, "It sounds like a bat or a bird is in the fireplace," thinking to myself please don't be a bat, please don't be a bat!!  After some investigation and banging around the fireplace out from the flue, to our surprise, flew the black bird.  It sat on top of the fake wood in the fireplace and seemed confused.  After giggling for a bit, the question then arose of how the heck do we get this thing out of here?  So we called for back up.  Brent, the City Administrator called Andy, from Fire and Rescue, of course!  Here came Andy, not wearing his cape but, wearing his Rescue sweatshirt.  Andy had to take the whole fireplace apart.  The plan was to not let the bird escape.  Well you guessed it, the bird escaped.  It flew around the Library for several minutes.  Have you ever tried to herd a bird?  All the patrons held up their arms and were herding it towards the door.  Well, it doesn't really work!  After several failed attempts and many suggestions from our patrons, the Librarians couldn't stop laughing but the bird was finally captured, UNHARMED by the way.  The bird was released outside several yards from the library.  A fishing net really works well on birds!  Thanks for all your help Andy and to the patrons with the wonderful ideas.  We had a bit to clean up afterwards while we were still laughing about our visitor.  Andy had to put the gas fireplace back together, Megan was cleaning up the bird dodo and Kim was tearing down the taped up curtains from the windows.  Now that we have the library back to normal, stop by and see us,  you never know what might happen next at your Library.