This is dedicated to all our library patrons!

Hey all, this is Kim the Smiling Librarian!  Is there such thing as a blogging block?  Unfortunately we have one!  No just joshing you!  We have been working hard all morning taking pictures of the card catalog.  Why you ask?  Because we wanted to get  cool picture for our blog banner!

This is Megan, the Laughing Librarian!  Stand back and watch me blog... There it goes.  Anyway, we have recently changed the look of our website.  I hope you enjoy it.  It gave me some sleepless nights.  Kidding, maybe.  I am really excited about the new features it offers.  Especially the new calendar.  Check it out!  Kim and I will be blogging about the life and times here among the stacks and with our faithful library users.  We will talk about funny things that happen, what we are reading, and cool events to check out here and in our area.  So hang on and enjoy this ride with us!