Love Your Library-Expand Our Future

The year 2016 is fast becoming an exciting and eventful year for the Broken Bow Public Library.  Numerous members of the community have launched the "Love Your Library-Expand Our Future" campaign to raise $2.1 million for the expansion and renovation library.  This adds over 4,000 square feet to the current library. 

  • $2.1 million is needed for the project
  • $500,000 has been earmarked from the city to use towards this project
  • $1.7 million dollars have been raised via fundraising
  • The remainder of the funds will be raised through private donations and grant monies.

Why do we need your help today?
Our library needs more space to accommodate the numerous and varied programs that the library staff have developed as well as providing technology for a wide regional area. 

Over 300 people came to see the Frozen Princesses, we cannot accommodate this number of people in our current programming space. 


During events the entire Library is packed and mostly unusable as a quiet place to meet, read, and learn.

Some will say that libraries are a thing of the past, but, our campaign members believe the flowing quote states it best:

"I think they [libraries] are in the information sharing business.  And it just so happens that books have been the primary method for sharing information for half a millennium.  The library isn't going to compete with the internet.  It's going to be part of the internet.  LIBRARIES PROVIDE A THIRD SPACE THAT IS NEITHER HOME NOT WORK, WHERE PEOPLE CAN COME TOGETHER AND DO THINKING WORK.  There will always be that need."

Thank you for helping us pay it forward so that present and future generations have a space where they can come together and do thinking work and perhaps, make the world a better place.